Owning the best marketing network in South India, Balco group is the largest manufacturer and distributer of PVC Pipes, Conduits and Solvent Cement in Kerala, Tamilnadu & Karnataka.

We are pioneers in providing superior quality products with ISI and ISO 9001 : 2015

As a socially committed enterprise we ensure our products are non hazardous to nature and people alike, the lead content in our PVC pipes are far less than the limit prescribed by the Bureau of Indian standards.

With relentless input in quality management and upgradation in technology Balco group stays one step ahead of time. We have the expertise in manufacturing highly durable products, the use of cutting edge technology with continuous and steady research and development in the field of PVC pipes & Products with meticulous inspection and testing in our lab that validate quality & safety.


Our Vision

What distinguishes us is our core value system which is ingrained in ethical & sustainable development. Since our inception in 1991, we have prioritized in the use of materials that are mostly non hazardous to environment, to reduce wastage, zeroize the use of lead in our product & the ethical disposal of waste materials

We are a socially committed organization who is morally inclined to support and protect our environment. We depend on solar energy to sources our office and in future we aim to completely use renewable energy for our production facility and be the company that is powered by 100% renewable & clean energy & curb our carbon footprint to zero. In future we intent to reach the global market and be pioneers and leaders in carbon neutral and emission free organisation and to inspire others to adopt a similar eco- conscience approach towards development

Our Mission

Our Mission is to delight customers with quality, innovative products and services in UPVC Pipes and Rigid PVC Electric Conduits.

Our Values

  • Exceed customer satisfaction in terms of Quality, On-time delivery and Support.
  • Always adhere to proper and high business ethics.
  • Provide a place and nurturing environment for our employees to flourish and grow.
  • Develop long term relationships with our vendors/ business partners to support our goals and synergic growth.


A commitment to quality since inception

We started out in 1991 as Solve Plastic Products, manufactured products like electrical conduits. Foreseeing a strong demand in the construction industry, we ventured into making PVC water pipes in 1994. Soon, we stood out with our unmatched quality and strength of pipes. This commitment to quality brought us an ISO 9001/2000 certification from JAS-ANZ through Phoenix Progressive Certification India Limited.

Growing with the construction industry

Every year, Balco diversified its products to anticipate and meet the demands of the ever-growing construction sector. Our growing production capacity, use of cutting-edge technology and the consistent focus on quality made us the first and reliable choice for construction projects. We also have a highly organized network of distributors and dealers that help us stay one step ahead of our competition.

Earth-friendly DNA

In 2006, Balco launched its brand of solvent cement, which was sold in eco-friendly containers. This was in line with our commitment to the producing Earth-safe products like environment-friendly lead-free UPVC pipes.